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What firms like Google are turning to in an effort to improve managers

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

What potential benefits internal coaching could bring to your organization.

In 2008, Google launched a research study to understand what is befitting of a good manager. Titled "Project Oxygen", the study was able to identify the 10 major behaviours that Google's managers share.

Number one on the list- Being a good coach.

Incorporating coaching within various aspects of a Googlers career path hence became a priority for Google and it found average satisfaction ratings for these sessions being 4.8 out of 5. You can find out more about Google's implementation here.

What and why?

Coaches, whether external or internal, support leaders by helping them navigate through change, manage transitions, and handle business and personnel challenges. Over the past 5 years internal coaching has been on the rise in a big way and many organizations recognize it as a key strategy in creating dynamic leaders.

The top benefits of internal coaching

Coaching is instrumental in it's ability to be able to navigate young managers and leaders through an ever evolving and complex business environment. Coaching as a function is a necessity for every organization and internal coaching is simply a means by which an organization can create an en-suite slew of managers as coaches. Some other key benefits include:

1. Better understanding of organizational culture

2. Affordability

3. Availability

4. Can utilize larger developmental programs as a platform thus accelerating results


Building internal coaching competence and incorporating best coaching practices seem to be at the heart of organizational growth and people development. Many analyst predict that coaching best practices could be at the heart of survivability of organizations going forward.

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