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One of the core beliefs here at ISCP is that in such a dynamic business climate, everyone needs a guiding direction- a coach. Unfortunately, not many are fortunate enough to have one and yet there is an abundance of people who wish to enable and lead the next generation of visionaries. 

We believe in equipping leaders to be coaches. We welcome all those who believe “they can be the change” to be a part of this society. An inclusive society of professionals dedicated to providing continued support in the journey to be a coach. 

The ISCP way challenges traditional approach to coaching education by introducing personal values and allows integration of key personal strengths into our coaching philosophy. 

All of this supplemented with opportunities to bolster your coaching experience with over 100 hours of practice with real world clients and to further pursue higher coaching  certification.

We understand coaching

"Leadership is a lot like parenting. Before, you only look forward to your own dreams and aspirations. When you become a leader, you start investing in the success of others. Your own personal success is defined by your ability to grow others." 

Coach training programs


Foundation coaching certification approved by ICF

Certified manager as a coach

Programme to equip a manager to understand the nuances of coaching

Coaching for sales performance

Performance oriented coaching frameworks


Coming soon

Coaching for millenials

Coming soon

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