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Our flagship programme, Coach-II-Lead is a guided program for people leaders to learn, apply and master the techniques of Coaching. This structured program would not only lay the foundation to develop as a Coach but also a great human being.  


The ISCP Coaching model has been built around one’s own personal values and how they influence one in different aspects of their lives.


At different stages whether it is one’s education, career, finances or family and health one is rationally and emotionally committed and having a focused approach helps one to achieve one’s desires and goals.

What people have to say about COACH II LEAD

This program is designed to attain all the desired hours required for an individual as specified for Coach Certification by ICF. This practical program would prepare individuals/ leaders to integrate their knowledge and skills at the place of work


Part 1 will cover

  • Understand Coaching

  • ICF Coaching Competencies

  • Coaching Skills: Listening, Questioning, Language

  • Coaching skill Practice

  • Business Coaching

  • Building Coaching Practice

  • ICF Coaching certification process


Part 2 will focus on Practice Webinar

  • Certification will be issued by ISCP Pte Ltd. Singapore

  • ISCP’s Coach II Lead program is approved by ICF

  • 4-day in-person – Coaching Workshop

  • 10-week webinar – Web based Coaching

  • 10 hour Mentor Coaching (Optional)

Post certification benefits
  • Course Completion with 100 hours of Coaching will make you eligible to apply for ACC  Certification with ICF.

  • Post certification, the candidate is eligible to apply for membership with ICF and ISCP

KYC. Know your coach

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